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Raval A La Carte Menu


Raval Indian Brasserie, Restaurant & Bar Newcastle

welcomes you on a journey through a wide range of exotic flavours and subtle tastes that represent the rich heritage of India.

Enjoy the elegance of fine dining as we delicately prepare each dish that boasts its own distinctive flavour and aroma. Only fresh ingredients are used to tempt your appetite.

The fragrant and pungent spices of India are blended fresh daily in an exacting, centuries old craft, indispensable to Indian cuisine. The surrounding graceful décor allows you to experience the heart of India’s cuisine.

Consider our home yours as you receive our unique hospitality and a satisfying and pleasant meal.


Please note, we are always adding new and exciting dishes to our menus.
The dishes below are typical examples of our A La Carte choices.
Our menu will always include a balanced mix of chicken, lamb, fish, seafood and vegetarian dishes.


Daka Chana Chaat 4.95
Chickpea potato, with tomatoes, chilli, lemon juice, coriander with hot, sweet and tangy chutney

Manjal  Chicken Tikka  5.95
Lightly spiced tandoori roasted chicken breast with cardamom, turmeric and ginger

Tawa Sea Bass 7.95
Pan seared Indian sea bass with potato cake, Raval mixed spices and cardamom

Scallop Moilee 12.95
Marinated grilled king scallops with mustard, ginger and coconut

Agra Onion Bhajia 4.95
Crispy onion fritters with rice, gram flour, green chilli and coriander

Malabari Fish Cakes 5.95
Indian fish and potato cakes with chilli, ginger, onion and coconut

Lobster & Mango  14.95
Lightly spiced pan seared lobster with onion, mango and coriander

Bihari Potato Cakes 4.95
Indian potato  cakes with cumin, ginger, coriander and spiced chickpeas

Rampuri Paneer Chaat  5.95
Paneer potato with ginger, chilli, lemon juice, coriander with hot, sweet and tangy chutney

King Prawns Varuval  12.95
Spiced pan seared king prawns with Indian potato cake, tamarind and curry leaves

Injji Lamb Chops  12.95
Marinated lamb chops with ginger, tomato, chilli and crushed tamarind and coriander

Vegetable Samosa  4.95
Indian parcels with potatoes, green peas, chili, & coriander

Adoori Chicken  6.95
Chargrilled Cochin chicken with mustard seed, coriander, Chaat masala & honey



Experience the diverse, regional tastes of classic Indian curries,
from the North to the South, to the East to the West of India.

Chicken Dishes

Komdi  Chicken Tikka Masala  11.95
Chicken tikka with a tomato, cinnamon & pistachio masala sauce

Kozi Chicken Madrasi  10.95
Madras chicken with red chillies, ginger, onion, tomato, black pepper and coconut

Nariyal Chicken Korma  10.95
Chicken with coconut milk, cashew, ginger, fennel seeds, cinnamon and cardamom.

Pukka Chicken Kadai 11.95
Spiced chicken with onion, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, chillies, black pepper, turmeric and coriander

Chennai  Chicken Bhuna  10.95
South Indian spicy chicken with onion, tomato & curry leaves

Kollam Chicken  Saag 10.75
Chicken with pureed spinach, chilli, garlic, coriander & cream

Kanpuri Chicken Jalfrezi 11.95
Spicy chicken tikka with onions, peppers, ginger, chilies and coriander and black cumin

Rajasthani Chicken Curry 10.95
Rajasthani chicken potatoes with ginger, chilli , garlic, whole spices and coriand

Lamb Dishes

Kashmiri Lamb Rogan Josh  12.95
Lamb with tomato, garlic, cumin, chilli, cinnamon and coriander

Rajpura Saag Gosht 11.95
Spiced lamb with ginger, garlic, chilli, spinach sauce and cream

Lamb Sukha  Bhuna 12.95
Lamb Bhuna with tomatoes, garlic, chilli, black pepper, coriander

Calcutta Lamb Coconut  11.95
Lamb with coconut milk, cashew, ginger, cinnamon and cardamom

Tamil Lamb Alu 11.95
Lamb & potato curry with coconut, ginger, garlic, chilli, & mustard

Meekha Lamb Karahi  12.95
Slow cooked lamb with onion, tomato, pepper, chilli & hot spices

Darjeeling Lamb Cutlets 16.95
Char-grilled Lamb cutlets with Indian potatoes mixed spices, ginger, chilli, & Darjeeling sauce

Fish and Prawns

Malabari Tiger Prawn 13.95
Spiced small tiger prawns with tomato, onion, ginger, garlic, chillies, cardamom & curry leaves

Scallops and King Prawns  16.95
Lightly spiced scallops and super king prawns with coconut, cumin, curry leaves & Kerala sauce

Bengali Salmon Curry  13.95
Spiced salmon & potatoes curry with lemon juice, turmeric, chilli, ginger, garlic & coriander

Mangalore King Prawn  16.95
Tawa grilled super king prawns with mixed spices, lemon, toasted nigella seeds & tamarind

Goan Fish Curry 13.95
Spicy Goan sea bass with a tomato, chilli, tamarind and coconut curry sauce


Salmon Taka Tak 13.95
Char-grilled salmon with Indian mashed potatoes, onions, chilli,
mustard seeds, lime, mint, coriander

Ajmeri Chicken Lazeez 12.95
Tandoori roasted marinated chicken with chickpea, cardamom,
with cashew, almonds,saffron

Chanpuri Lobster  38.95
Whole lobster & king prawns with Raval mixed spices, tomatoes,
black pepper, ginger, coconut, mustard & aromatic rice

Seabass Taka Tak  13.95
Char-grilled seabass with Indian mashed potatoes, onions, chilli,
mustard seeds, lime, mint coriander

Assam Chicken Taka Tak 12.95
Spiced marinated chicken with potato masala, tomato, chilli,
Kadai bell pepper, coriander

Tandoori Mixed Thattam 22.95
Raval’s Tandoori platter consists of delicious, chicken, lamb, fish,
king prawn, Indian potato cake and fresh salad

Tawa King Prawn  15.95
Tawa grilled super king prawns with mixed spices, lemon, toasted
nigella seeds, tamarind and Kerala  potato masala

Main Course 9.95 | Side Dish 5.95

Paneer Tikka Masala 
Paneer tikka cooked in a special Raval sauce
Alu Gobi 
Cauliflower and potatoes cooked in a special blend of spices
Palak Paneer 
Paneer with fresh spinach sauce, chilli, tempered with cumin
Alu Matar 
Potatoes, green peas with cumin, chilli, ginger and spices
Dum Alu
Potatoes sautéed with cumin, ginger, chilli and lemon juice
Pindi Chana 
Chickpeas with Punjabi spices, tomatoes and pomegranate seeds
Panch-Mel Dal 
A mixture of five different lentils with garlic, chilli & coriander
Saag Alu 
Potatoes and spinach sauce cooked together in Raval spices


House Pillau 4.95
Dum cooked pillau rice of the day, with Raval spices and herbs
Steamed Rice 3.95
Fine basmati rice steamed to perfection
Nan – Plain, Garlic or Coriander  3.95
A light bread baked in clay oven with a choice of flavours
Gwalior Nan  4.95
Nan bread with a mixture of almond and coconut
Tandoori Roti 3.95
Whole wheat bread baked in tandoor
Malabari Paratta 3.95
Multi layered, flaky, leavened wheat flour flat Malabari bread


Kochi indian mixed Salad – Cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, mango,
chickpeas, onions, chilli & south Indian dressing 4.95
Panjabi Salad onions,  chillies & lemon 2.95
Cucumber Raita lightly spiced yogurt with chilli & coriander 2.95
All Pickles, Homemade Chutneys and Fruit Relishes 1.45 each
Mango Chutney, Mint & Yogurt Chutney, Plain Yogurt,
Lime Pickle, Mixed Pickle, Carrot & Mustard Pinapple & Sweet Chilli

 Note: We source a lot of our ingredients locally, so all menus published online may change subject to availability.