Indian Takeaway Newcastle Gateshead


This is not just any Indian food…

This is Raval Express – Indian Takeaway Newcastle Gateshead – the younger, cheekier sister brand of Raval.

Our award-winning team of chefs helped to develop the exciting and innovative Raval Express menu, meaning we can finally bring our A La Carte food to you!

Since Raval opened in 2007, customers have often asked us “when can we have Raval food at home?” and so Raval Express was devised to allow our customers to do just that. This is not just another Indian Takeaway launch – this is Raval food at home.

So why is our menu special? It’s special because it has been developed over several years from dishes that have been adapted for take-out from our A La Carte menu. It’s special because it features a hand-picked selection of quality dishes that are made-to-order. It’s special because it will change regularly as we aim to deliver variety and add more authentic, balanced and healthy Indian dishes to our express menu.