Indian Barbecue Summer Food

Curry and barbecue – a winning combination

The weather forecasters have been promising temperatures are set to soar any time soon, so no doubt many people will be thinking of dusting down the old barbecue. Cooking and eating al fresco is a great British summertime tradition – often providing the perfect excuse for a get-togeth
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Healthy eating Indian spices

Spice up your life… and health!

I devoted last week’s blog to dispelling some of the myths about takeaway curries…or, to be more precise, I reminded readers that takeaway food CAN be considered healthy eating. Certainly, our new Raval Express takeaways are every bit as fresh, balanced and nutritious as the dishes on
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Raval Launches Summer Food Festival with New Indian Tapas Menu

On Monday 1st June, Raval will launch its “Indian Summer” Food Festival with a brand new Indian Tapas menu. An award-winning restaurant is giving customers the opportunity to experience Indian food as they have never tasted it before. The new concept in dining combines the
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Indian Tapas – spicing up our Summer Food Festival

A brand new Indian Tapas menu launches at Raval on 1st June 2015. It’s hard to imagine that just couple of generations ago, in the late 70s, the term ‘tandoori’ seemed so exotic and mysterious to the British people. Only adventurous travellers and the most knowledgeable of food fans k
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Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken tikka masala – a ‘British’ classic

In this great country of ours, curry has been welcomed with open arms – to the extent that opinion polls have put chicken tikka masala ahead of fish and chips as the nation’s favourite dish. So I was disappointed recently when I read an article in the Daily Mail about a co
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Video: This chicken curry looks delicious

I’m a big fan of online videos showing people how to cook Indian food, especially if they’re well filmed and easy to follow. This one certainly is. Some viewers might think the presenter uses too much oil – but I’m confident that the calorie-conscious among you could get away with usi
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Raval Luxury Indian Restaurant Newcastle Gateshead

The secrets of a brilliant curry

This is longer than normal blog posting, but I thought it was important to explain a little more about the essentials of curry making. I’ve taken the following information from numerous sources together with a dash of my own experience. It’s by no means exhaustive – just some basic gu
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Video: Joey Bada$$ makes curry chicken and waffles

I’ll be honest – I had no idea who Joey Bada$$ was. Now, however, I know that he’s an American hip-hop singer who has just released his début album. More importantly for the purposes of this blog is the fact that he’s a curry lover…so much so that he has even written a song about his
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Food fit for a president… and his first lady!

Good to see Barack Obama is a curry fan. We always knew he was a man of great taste. Here’s a report published by ABC News of the leader of the free world feasting on the finest Indian cuisine in New Delhi recently. Let’s hope it was up to Raval’s standards.
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Back to basics – curry made simple

It’s no surprise some of us are reluctant to make curries at home – the lengthy list of ingredients and complex instructions on many recipes is enough to send most of us scrabbling around for the phone number of the nearest Indian takeaway. So it was refreshing to discover this articl
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