It’s no surprise some of us are reluctant to make curries at home – the lengthy list of ingredients and complex instructions on many recipes is enough to send most of us scrabbling around for the phone number of the nearest Indian takeaway.

So it was refreshing to discover this article, published in The Guardian, that goes back to basics to reveal the secret of making a great curry.

The truth is, curry doesn’t have to be complicated – and cooking Indian cuisine should be a simple pleasure. That’s not to say there isn’t skill involved, and a certain amount of knowledge about spices and how to use them won’t come in wrong. But it’s really not rocket science. What’s more, curry lends itself to a certain amount of experimentation…so go on, get creative in the kitchen. You might just surprise yourself.

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Mr Raval is known to friends and customers alike as the region’s Curry King. His restaurant has been named ‘Best in the North East’ and has won critical acclaim from leading chefs and food reviewers. He is passionate about sharing his love of authentic Indian cuisine.