Our Luxury  Group Dinner Banquet Menu – 39.95 per person – is ideal for groups  who want to sample an array of Raval’s culinary Indian cuisine.

Filled with flavour and packed with real Indian spices.   our banquet menu is an experience to behold.


All items on this menu are presented to your table , so that you and your guest can enjoy the taste each and every dish



Lightly spiced pan-seared king prawn with caramelised onion, mixed spices, and curry leaves

Tandoori roasted chicken  tikka with Raval spices, mint Yogurt and tamarind

Pan seared Indian salmon with garlic, cumin, chilli, cardamom and black peppers

Potato Bonda South Indian battered spiced potato dumplings, yoghurt & tamarind



Delicately spiced tandoori roasted chicken  with tomato, ginger, yoghurt and masala sauce

Lightly spiced Bombay potatoes  with sauteed cumin, garlic, chilli and lemon juice

Raval saffron pilau rice with mixed spices and herbs

Slow cooked Tamil lamb with onion, ginger, garlic, chilli, tomato, and blend of Raval spices

Classic Keralan style spicy chicken curry with onion, tomato, ginger, garlic and curry leaves

Spiced Panjabi chickpea with onion. cumin, chilli, bay leaf, tomatoes and coriander

Freshly made crisp and fluffy Indian flat bread baked in tandoori



Jamun Indian caramelised soft spongy ball flavoured with cardamom, sweet syrup and vanilla ice

Note: We source a lot of our ingredients locally, so all menus published online may change subject to availability.


We are located on the Tyne Bridge, a stone’s throw from Newcastle Quayside, The Sage Gateshead, and Hilton Hotel. Raval champions award-winning curry, celebrated as one of the best outside London’s elite Michelin-starred establishments. Dive into the heart of Geordie hospitality and culinary excellence.