Four-Course Group Banquet/party meu at Raval Indian Restaurant Newcastle Gateshead


Indulge in Our Exquisite Four Course Group Banquet Party Menu

Discover Raval, where each dish unravels a tale of exquisite flavours, inviting you to relish the artistry of Indian cuisine.

Our Exclusive Four-Course Indian Group party Banquet Tasting Menu – 39.95, tailored for groups, parties, and business diners (minimum of 2 people), aims to convey an immersive experience.

With each dish, we set the stage for a culinary adventure, enveloping you in the rich tapestry of Indian culinary expertise.



Pan-seared Calcutta King Prawn: Lightly spiced allure with caramelised onion and coriander. (d)
Tandoori Roasted Chicken Breast: Succulent delight infused with Raval mixed spices. (d)(n)
Char-grilled Spiced Salmon: A harmonious blend of garlic, cumin, chilli, cardamom, and black peppers. (d)(n)
Potato Bonda: South Indian delight of battered spiced potato dumplings with mustard & curry leaves. (m)(d)(g)



Delhi Chicken Tikka Masala: Delicately spiced British classic adorned with a Raval twist. (d)(n)
Bombay Potatoes: Savory perfection with the richness of cumin, garlic, chilli, and a hint of lemon. (d)
Saffron Pilau Rice: Fragrant saffron-infused pilau rice. (d)(n)



Kashmiri Lamb Rogan: Slow-cooked lamb adorned with the rich tapestry of Raval spices. (d)
Kerala Chicken Curry: A spicy classic featuring ginger, garlic, and curry leaves. (d)(n)
Punjabi Chickpea Bhuna: Spiced chickpeas with a blend of onion, cumin, and coriander. (d)



Indian Flatbreads: Freshly baked, crisp, and fluffy from our tandoor. (d)(e)(n)(g)



Gulab Jamun with Ice Cream: Conclude your culinary odyssey with Indian caramelised spongy balls, infused with cardamom, sweet syrup, and served with vanilla ice cream. (d)(e)(n)(g)



Notes: All items on this menu are presented to your table. The entire table must order from this menu. Vegetarian options are available upon request.

Note: We source a lot of our ingredients locally, so all menus published online may change subject to availability.