GATESHEAD – 13.10.23 – As Gateshead’s cultural scene buzzed with excitement for Cara Dillon’s sold-out concert at The Glasshouse International Centre for Music, another enchanting scene unfolded at Raval Indian Restaurant & Bar , Newcastle Gateshead. 
Candid photo of Cara Dillon dining at Raval Indian Restaurant before her concert at the Glasshouse International Music Centre in Gateshead, Newcastle.

A top dining choice for artists performing at The Glasshouse, Raval Indian Restaurant & bar Newcastle Gateshead was honoured to host Dillon, whose evening with us became the talk of the town.

“Having an artist of Cara Dillon’s calibre dine with us is always special. Her genuine appreciation for our culinary offerings, coupled with her warmth towards the staff and patrons, truly made the evening unforgettable,” remarked Nas Islam, the manager at Raval Indian Restaurant.

Patrons described the experience as feeling like a prelude to the concert itself, a sentiment echoed by Dillon. “The atmosphere at Raval was the perfect start to my evening. The food, the warmth, everything felt just right,” Dillon shared.

The restaurant’s commitment to providing unparalleled dining experiences was once again underscored with this memorable evening, reaffirming its status as the top choice for both artists and fans.

Location:Raval Indian Restaurant & Bar, Newcastle-Gateshead.
Highlight:A captivating dining experience with Cara Dillon

For reservations and to experience the magic of Raval firsthand, visit our website at or contact us at 0191 4771700.

About Raval Restaurant:
Situated in the heart of Gateshead, Raval Restaurant prides itself on delivering a harmonious blend of authentic Indian flavours with a modern twist. Its reputation as the premier dining destination for artists performing at The Glasshouse International Centre for Music, Gateshead, is a testament to its commitment to excellence in both cuisine and hospitality.

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Attila Ajtai