The Raval Foundation

The Raval Foundation is a non-profit organisation managing charitable projects both home and abroad throughout the year.

The Foundation’s mission is to work both nationally and internationally to improve access to health and education, to help and encourage the poor and marginalized to fulfill their desired potential and participate fully in society.

The funding of charitable projects is generated from Raval profits, fundraising activities and the generosity of our customers, contacts and sponsors.

Mother and Children

This arm of the Raval Foundation promotes the concept that if the mother of a family is healthy and happy, the other members will thrive. New for 2012, Raval introduces the exciting South Asia project in which we will sponsor a group of young people to visit a remote rural location in Bangladesh to provide support for struggling mothers.

Mother and Children will provide educational support, business advice and sustainable training, with the eventual aim of aiding villagers to build a trust to be managed by themselves for years to come.

Our Children First

Whilst always aiming to help our brothers and sisters throughout the world, Raval also holds the strong belief that we should work to help the disadvantaged within our own communities.

The UK riots has brought the focus onto young people and highlighted the problems associated with the neglect of the disadvantaged youth among our society. Our Children First is a voluntary scheme to help such children and their families begin to make a positive contribution to society again. It encourages volunteers from any walk of life to help however they think they can; whether you are a mother who can provide support with child rearing skills, a professional to give employment training or opportunities, or a young person who has been in this situation and turned their life around.

Curry for a Cause

Raval launched the ‘Curry for a Cause’ campaign in 2010. Funds were raised with a week-long food festival with the finishing touch of a presedential menu recreating the meal served by Barack Obama to Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh. All proceeds were donated in support of work to tackle combined Immune Deficiency Syndrome in children.

The Newcastle Curry

Raval’s Newcastle curry was designed to combine Eastern and Western tastes, with the combination of Northumbrian lamb and Indian spices, served with locally sourced potatoes, carrot battons and asparagus. The meal was sold at Raval and 14 other North East restaurants and all proceeds were donated in support of work to tackle combined Immune Deficiency Syndrome in children.

Raval has also supported several other charities, including the Bubble Foundaton Child Reach International, Children North East, Macmillan Cancer Support, and Newcastle Lord Mayor’s charitable fund.