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Steve Wraith, Juliet Sanders and Nas Islam

Top Indian Restaurant Newcastle Gateshead – Raval, a culinary beacon on the Tyne Bridge, has emerged victorious

in its recent “Curry with a Cause” campaign, uniting the community in support of ‘Feeding Families’ in the Northeast.

During National Curry Week in October,  one of the best indian restaurant Newcastle Gateshead , Raval went beyond culinary celebrations, turning each Chicken Tikka Masala order into a symbol of collective commitment to those facing hardships in the region.

The campaign’s crescendo occurred last month in a poignant ceremony at Raval, where Steve Wraith of NUFC Matters, Nas Islam, Raval’s Manager, and Juliet Sanders, CEO of Feeding Families, came together to commemorate this inspiring initiative.

A compelling photo immortalises the moment, featuring Steve Wraith on the left, Juliet Sanders in the centre holding the donation cheque, and Nas Islam on the right.

Nas Islam shared reflections on the journey, stating, “The overwhelming support from our patrons and the wider community of Newcastle Gateshead has been the cornerstone of this initiative, making this journey truly humbling.”
Best Chicken Tikka Masala, in Newcastle, raval indian restaurant

Raval : Chicken Tikka Masala – Newcastle Gateshead

Steve Wraith of NUFC Matters emphasised, “Today’s ceremony encapsulates the incredible unity and spirit of Newcastle Gateshead. Culinary pleasure seamlessly intertwined with a purpose.”

Juliet Sanders, representing Feeding Families, expressed profound appreciation for Raval’s commitment. She remarked, “Raval’s dedication goes beyond exquisite cuisine; it extends to making a tangible impact in the lives of those facing hardships in our region.”

As Christmas approaches, Raval’s commitment stands as a testament to the importance of family and community. Encouraging local businesses and individuals to extend a helping hand, Raval aims to bring smiles during this festive time.

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