An interesting story on the BBC website caught my eye recently involving the discovery of a long-forgotten curry recipe from the Victorian era.

I have to say, it doesn’t sound especially appetising, the main ingredients being dripping, milk and apples. But perhaps I should ask one of  our chefs to give it the Raval Restaurant treatment. Who knows, it might just surprise us. But what this story does demonstrate is the way in which Indian cuisine has evolved over the years in the hands of English cooks.

It’s a phenomenon my staff at Raval are very familiar with. Back in 2009, we revealed how Hexham-born Hannah Glasse published the fist ever British curry recipe in 1747 – and our chefs created their very own version of it using pheasant from Northumberland. The story appeared in the Journal – read it here  – and was featured on TV. And if you have stumbled across any long-forgotten curry recipes, please share them with us!

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