Drinks Menus

We offer you some of the finest wines from both the Old and New Worlds. All have been carefully selected to provide you with the greatest possible choice. Our list includes white, red, rosé and dessert wines as well as Champagne and sparkling wines at prices to suit every occasion.

Excellent food deserves to be matched with excellent wine and we are always pleased to suggest the perfect accompaniment to your meal. We pride ourselves on serving dishes that have a rich complexity designed to delight your palate and stimulate your senses. We extend this philosophy to our wines, which all have delicious depths of flavour and individual subtleties of their own.

At Raval we know that our guests expect a full and memorable experience and our wine cellar is stocked with that in mind. We hope that with each visit you will explore new avenues of taste in both food and wine. We are constantly sourcing wines from the finest vineyards so that you will always have the chance to enjoy something new.

A selection of our most popular wines is available by the glass. Indulge yourself and discover how our food and wine form a thrilling partnership of pleasure.