Early Evening Menu – Two-course 15.95 only !

Dive into Raval’s special £15.95 2-course menu, featuring a selection of our classic Indian dishes, perfectly timed for your pre-theatre plans. For those seated between 5:30 to 6:45 pm, this menu provides a delightful culinary prelude to an evening at nearby venues like The Sage Gateshead or Metro Radio Arena.



Indian Papad (Additional £4.95)
Papads bowl & chutney selection (D)(G)
Served with freshly homemade relishes – good for two to share



Daka Chana Chaat (cold)(G)(D)(V) • •
Chickpea, potatoes, topped with sweetened yoghurt & tamarind chutney

Lamb Kebab (D)(G)(E) • •
Minced lamb kebabs seasoned with yoghurt, ginger, garlic, spices & coriander

Agra Onion Bhaji (D)(G)(E)(V) • •
Crispy onion fritters, spices, gram flour, mint yoghurt & tamarind

Manjal Chicken Tikka (D)(N) • •
Marinated overnight in yoghurt, ginger, garlic & spices. Yet another classic.



Maski Chicken Tikka Masala (D)(N) •
Undoubtedly a British favourite with tomato, cinnamon & pistachio sauce

Kashmiri Lamb Rogan Josh  *additional £2.95 • •
A traditional vivacious Kashmiri curry, tomato, garlic, cinnamon & coriander

Goan Salmon Curry *additional £2.95 • • •
Spicy Goan salmon with a tomato, chilli, coconut, blends of spices and Herbs

Saag Alu (D)(V) • •
Vibrant green velvety spinach with ginger, garlic, chilli & cream

Paneer Tikka Masala (D)(V) • • •
Cottage cheese in a fenugreek-flavoured tomato and cream gravy

Alu Gobhi Matar (D)(V) • •
A healthy vegetable dish of stir-fried cauliflower, delicately spiced with fresh ginger



House Pillau
Dum cooked pilau rice of the day with Raval spices and herbs

Plain Nan

A light bread baked in clay oven

Garlic Naan

Naan bread flavoured with garlic

Coriander Naan

Naan bread flavoured with coriander

Gwalior Nan

Naan bread with a mixture of almond and coconut


Heat Index: • Mild •• Medium ••• Spicy
Allergens: G Contains Gluten N Contains Nuts V Vegetarian


Note: We source a lot of our ingredients locally, so all menus published online may change subject to availability.


We are located on the Tyne Bridge, a stone’s throw from Newcastle Quayside, The Sage Gateshead, and Hilton Hotel. Raval champions award-winning curry, celebrated as one of the best outside London’s elite Michelin-starred establishments. Dive into the heart of Geordie hospitality and culinary excellence.