Author: Micky Welch At Metro Radio News.

Hot on the heels of its accolade as the Best Asian Restaurant outside London, Raval clinches another feather in its cap: finalist in the esteemed ‘Asian Restaurant and Takeaway Awards’ (ARTA) 2023. This distinction underscores Raval’s commitment to pioneering authentic Indian flavours accentuated with fresh, local ingredients and a distinctive British twist.

Slated for Sunday, 8th October at the illustrious Hilton Park Lane, London, ARTA 2023 promises a grand assembly of the crème de la crème of Asian dining. With the event in the capable hands of BBC presenters Samantha Simmonds and Paul Martin, it’s set to be a gastronomic spectacle.

“We’ve always envisioned Raval as a confluence where traditional Indian gastronomy meets British flair. This recognition reaffirms our dedication to that vision,” shared Nas Islam, Manager at Raval. Read more click here.