At the heart of the vibrant and bustling streets of Newcastle Gateshead, there lies not just a culinary gem, but also a restaurant with a robust sense of community commitment. Yes, we’re talking about Raval, your beloved Indian restaurant and bar.

October has been a remarkable month for us, both in terms of celebrating the rich tapestry of curry during the 25th National Curry Week and rejoicing over Newcastle United’s football feats. But it was also a month where we rekindled our commitment to giving back.
Award-winning Best Indian Restaurant in Newcastle Gateshead, supporting Feeding Families Northeast with Chicken Tikka Masala campaign

We are elated to share that our recent initiative during the National Curry Week resulted in raising £1,000 for the Feeding Families charity. An endeavour close to our hearts, as every order contributed towards this noble cause.

It was an evening of pride and humility as Steve Wraith of NUFC Matters, our very own Nas Islam, and Juliet Sanders from Feeding Families gathered at Raval. The moment was captured as Juliet received the cheque, symbolising not just a donation but the spirit of our Northeast community. A community that comes together, relishes together, and supports together.

Raval has always been about more than just food. It’s about experiences, memories, and above all, our bond with the community. This initiative and our recent recognitions at the British Curry Awards, Asian Restaurant Awards and ARTA 2023 reflect Raval’s ethos of excellence and empathy.

Juliet Sanders echoed the sentiment, expressing her gratitude, and highlighting how such initiatives shine a beacon of hope and solidarity.

We wish to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who dined with us, celebrated the joy of curry, and became part of this initiative. Our journey, adorned with awards like ‘Best Asian Fine Dining Restaurant Outside London’ and ‘Best Indian Restaurant in the Northeast’, is not just about accolades. It’s about moments like these where we can touch lives, share joy, and build bridges of hope and kindness.

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates, stories, and, of course, the love of Indian cuisine. If you haven’t already, join us at Raval for a culinary experience that warms not just your palate but also your heart.

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Attila Ajtai