Raval Journal Review

Raval has once again been featured in the local press – this time in the form of a review in the Journal’s ever-popular Taste section.

To get an idea of Raval in Gateshead, it’s probably best to start with what it’s not.

It’s not a place where you go after 10 pints to slur that you want “the hottest thing on the menu”.

There are no metal dishes filled with your choice of meat and accompanying gloop, no giant poppadoms to karate chop, no naff flock wallpaper and no crackly recordings of sitar music.

Indian cuisine in the North East is not traditionally associated with fine dining, but Raval aims to change that.

On entering, it was clear from the heavy solid oak doors and plush reception/bar area, that a lot of money had been spent fitting out the restaurant. Add some calming background music and the beautiful aroma of fresh orchids, and it felt like we were waiting for luxury spa treatments rather than an Indian meal.

The contemporary decor (a warm palette with splashes of red) features plush Champagne-coloured upholstered chairs, chrome balustrading and clever designer lighting – particularly around the bar.

You can read our glowing review on the Journal’s website by clicking here.

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