Raval Indian Restaurant joins the celebration of Newcastle United.

Newcastle Gateshead, Northeast – As the clock ticks down to Newcastle United’s highly anticipated Champions League home game against PSG, marking a triumphant return after over two decades, Raval is equally set to champion this occasion gastronomically.

Asserting passionately, “We ardently love & stand with Newcastle United,” Raval seamlessly marries the thrill of football with its distinguished Indian culinary craft.

In a pioneering collaboration, Raval has teamed up with Steve Wraith of NUFC MATTERS, Toon Radio, and luminaries such as Adam Pearson, Matthew Renton, and John “Gibbo” Gibson. Together, they’re taking the 25th anniversary of National Curry Week (2nd-7th October) up a notch, acknowledging curry’s myriad contributions to British society.

From 2nd to 7th October, Raval is poised to roll out a bespoke menu. And on 4th October, from 3pm onwards, the venue will metamorphose into a football celebration hub. A tempting 20% discount beckons NUFC MATTERS YouTube subscribers. Must book online at ravaluk.com using the code NUFC MATTERS 2023.

Raval Indian Restaurant showcases its culinary mastery with the best Chicken Tikka Masala in Newcastle Gateshead.

At the core of this celebration stands the iconic Chicken Tikka Masala, Britain’s beloved national dish. Raval’s award-winning Tikka Masala is crafted with fresh ingredients and authentic Indian spices, all while introducing a British twist. Void of artificial colours and staying true to the rich taste of India, it signifies Raval’s dedication to quality and tradition. Each order underscores Raval’s commitment to the ‘Feeding Families Northeast’ cause.

Juliet Sanders, CEO of Feeding Families, expressed her enthusiasm, saying, “We are delighted that Raval have chosen Feeding Families as their charity to support. The people of the north east are passionate about food and football, and we are equally fervent about assisting those currently facing hardships. By uniting, and contributing in any way we can, we hold the power to effect monumental change across the region. Let’s rally behind our team and community in unison!”

Raval Indian Restaurant in Newcastle Gateshead celebrates National Curry Week with a delightful culinary showcase

Nas Islam, Raval’s spirited Manager, emphasises, “Eat well, do good; it’s curry with a purpose. Relish what you adore while backing a noble cause.”

Steve Wraith echoes, “Football and food are the pulsating heartbeats of our community. A thriving Newcastle in sports means a bustling, vibrant region, both economically and emotionally.”

Highlighting the Indian curry industry’s annual contribution of £4 billion to the UK economy and the employment of over 100,000 individuals, Raval’s festivity stands as a grand salute to this momentous input. It embodies a heartfelt nod from Newcastle Gateshead and the entire Northeast, all the while celebrating the beloved British dish, Chicken Tikka Masala.

Raval, renowned as the Best Indian Restaurant outside London and rubbing shoulders with Michelin-starred establishments in the capital, promises more than a meal – it’s a sensory journey.

Now’s the moment to rally behind our team, showcasing our unwavering love, as we immerse in both football and food. Delve into this majestic celebration at Ravaluk.com and keep pace with the exhilaration on socials @ravalrestaurant.

Raval staff celebrating National Curry Week outside the doors of Raval Indian Restaurant in Newcastle-Gateshead.


About Raval Restaurant:
Nestled near the Tyne Bridge, Raval emerges as a luminous culinary beacon. Here, age-old traditions fuse with contemporary innovation, transforming each meal into a unique culinary experience.

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