Restaurants & Bars: Near The Glasshouse & Sage Gateshead

Located just minutes away from The Glasshouse, formerly known as Sage Gateshead, Raval Indian Restaurant & Bar offers an unforgettable culinary experience in the heart of Newcastle-Gateshead.

The Glasshouse & The Sage Gateshead Near Raval Indian Restaurant & Bar- Newcastle-Gateshead

Pre- Show Dining Delights at the Glasshouse & Sage Gateshead

Planning to catch a show at The Glasshouse? Why not elevate your evening with a visit to Raval? Indulge in our early bird specials menu, perfectly crafted for pre-show diners, and savour the flavours of authentic Indian cuisine before heading to the performance.

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An Architectural Marvel – the Glasshouse & Sage Gateshead

Designed by Lord Foster, The Glasshouse stands as a testament to architectural brilliance, boasting internationally acclaimed performance spaces renowned for their acoustic excellence. From Hall One and Hall Two to the Northern Rock Foundation Hall, the venue sets the stage for musical exploration and innovation.


Unparalleled Event Venue at the Glasshouse

Beyond its musical offerings, The Glasshouse serves as a premier venue for conferences, weddings, exhibitions, and more. With its striking curved steel roof, comprising 3,000 stainless steel panels and 250 glass panels, the venue captivates visitors with its awe-inspiring design.

Restaurant, bars, near- the Glasshouse International Music Centre formerly known as the Sage .raval indian restaurant 3 minutes walk away .

Convenient Location Near the  Glasshouse & Sage Gateshead

Conveniently situated just a short walk from The Glasshouse, finding Raval is a breeze. Plus, with a large car park located right outside the restaurant, parking is hassle-free. After your meal, explore nearby attractions such as restaurants, bars, and hotels, making Raval the perfect choice for a complete dining experience.

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A Culinary Journey at Raval Indian Restaurant & Bar

Led by a team of world-class chefs, Raval delivers a fusion of contemporary Indian cuisine that tantalises the taste buds. Our commitment to authenticity shines through in every dish, ensuring a dining experience unlike any other in Newcastle and Gateshead.

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Passion for Authenticity Serving Real Indian Food

At Raval, we’re passionate about serving real Indian food bursting with authentic flavours and spices. Our dedication to quality and taste sets us apart, making us a destination of choice for those seeking a genuine taste of India.

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Experience the magic of Raval India Restaurant & Bar: Near the Glasshouse & Sage Gateshead

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Embark on a culinary journey like no other and discover why Raval is a cherished gem in the vibrant Newcastle-Gateshead dining scene.


Directions to Raval


Raval Indian Restaurant & Bar, Newcastle – Gateshead, is just a short 3 minute walk from  the Glasshouse  former  The Sage Gateshead.

raval indian restaurant-sage Gateshead

  1. Upon leaving Sage, turn right and head along Cannon Street
  2. Continue walking forward approx 280ft and turn right on to Church Street.
  3. Continue forward along Church Street and round a short bend and Raval Indian Restaurant & Bar Newcastle  is located on your left.
  4. Raval’s award-winning Indian restaurants Newcastle overlooks the spectacular Newcastle upon Tyne and Gateshead cityscape.
  5. Our team of world class chefs deliver the very best in contemporary Indian fusion food that you can find in Newcastle and Gateshead.Our tantalising cuisine, indisputable knowledge, charming staff, modern and inviting atmosphere and unrivalled location, next to the Hilton Hotel Newcastle-Gateshead and the Glasshouse  International Music Centre  formerly known as  the Sage Gateshead, ensure that our guests keep coming back for more.
    Raval restaurant provides authentic Indian cuisine with real spices and flavour. Try a real taste of India right here in Newcastle and Gateshead.
    Our food is very different from many local Indian restaurants in Newcastle, because we are Passionate about Good healthy real Indian Food.